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Vedic Astrology Planets Secrets

We often found many text books showing many authoritive ways to find the clues from birth charts.  Now today, I would like to share my experience, If we look at the Planets & their Karakatwas following planet Duos, when they are analysed with respect to each other are creating something interesting revealed out of Human Birthcharts:

Sun – Moon

Sun is Soul and Moon is Mind, Favorable relation of Sun & Moon gives Developed Interests in Life & harmony in actions & thoughts.

Rahu- Ketu

Both are always opposite, Rahu is showing hates & dislikes of Life while Ketu shows deep urges of Life. Their placements in particular Bhava in Birthchart shows imbalance of the Human life which needs to be balanced.

Venus – Mars

Venus is Female planet while Mars is Male planet, One is Enjoyment while other is Enjoyer or Masculine, when combination of Mars and Venus is there Native enjoys Love life or becomes very choosy for his desires. Mars must be well posited in Female’s Birth Charts. How is Mars in Female chart so her Husband.

Jupiter – Saturn

Jupiter is Jeeva planet, Life giver planet and Saturn is Karma planet. When Jupiter is related to Saturn in birth chart native is destined to complete Big task in life. If no relation of Jupiter and Saturn, native cannot achieve big or cannot produce something solid in life.

Mercury –

Since Mercury is neither male nor female, hence this planet doesn’t find its opposite planet or i.e. planet with which it can make chemistry. Obviously Mercury is not mind but it is Buddhi of human, which can be favorable or Unfavorable. Hence Mercury also becomes what he receives from other planets by joining or aspects.

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