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Simple Yet effective Muhurtam

Electional Astrology is an amazing science, in India we always consider and ponder auspicious timings for carrying out our Holy rituals and Events. Here I am giving you some important hints about muhurtam.

How one can easily fix muhurtam for an event is mentioned below. Muhurta shastra is very Large, it is also required to study the Planetary movements on particular day as well. We often found Muhurtam as difficult subject, but this is very easy to find out best muhurtam for an event, just by following some thumb rules, (remember fine tuning requires opinions of learned Brahmins):

Select Auspicious Month, you can easily know tradionally accepted months from Panchang., choosing of month varies as per region in beliefs in India. Select Bright Half of the month, choose any tithi except, Amavsya, Chaturthi, Navami And Chaudashi. Poorna tithi like, Panchami, Dasami and Poonam are good. Check the Rahukaal on particular selected day. Select time which is not falling on Rahukaalam. Choose Hora as per your nature of work. In Gujarat we often find people following Choghadia for any auspicious work, remember Choghadia is mainly intended for Travelling purpose. But now so far people has accepted them largely for all works. Rest you can use them as guiding tool, but as per my opinion Hora is effective one so use Hora when and where possible for selecting best Muhurtam.

I hope you can easily judge a good day for your auspicious occasions from above canons. Remember to write us your reactions and suggestions to us.

Om Namo Narayan
N. Mantreshwar
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