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Aries ascendant & predictions

Sign in First house of your birth-chart is your ascendant sign or this is the sign, which was rising during your birth.

General nativity and Predictions for Aries ascendant natives:
Mars is ruling planet for this ascendant, so people born under this ascendant have strong physique with strong mind and will power. This native does very well in their study, normally they choose administration as their subject. They travel to holy-places more often.
Generally this ascendant people have good relation with mother and average relationship with father, one of their brother or sister are not well to do or terms with siblings are often get worse in later part of their life. Needs to take care with relationships of Maternal uncle.
They are prone to do service throughout their career. However they rank high due to their quality of discipline. Their study may not be same of their profession, however they have great inclination to study new things. These people often get involve in toppling the top people or king.

They rise in career early at 16 yrs. age.
Good years in life are 5,9,17,21,29,33,41,45,53,57,65,69
Years to be taken care: 6,18,30,42,54,66,78

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