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Taurus Rising & Predictions

When your Lagna rashi or Ascendant is Taurus you are born to enjoy the world, here we are narrating general predictions for you:

Love relations: Tauraus people are lovable, gentle and ejoying. They have very high aspirations for person they love. Strong phisique persons are attraction for them. Generally they fall in love with one person throughout their life. Marriage life is very good, they tend to share what they have.

Money matters: Taurus rising people, may choose or they get success in following fields:
Education, Teaching in Schools, Academic service, Writing profession, Legal profession, Accounts and Audits. This people generally starts making good personal funds at the age of 23 Years. They always worry for their mother, and they provide all the comforts to mother in later part of their life. House and fixed assets are their concerns, they find difficult to choose what they want exactly in case of House and fixed assets.

Child: Taurus rising people, may face delay in conceiving child, If they marry at early and plan child on early stage the problem can be avoided. They tend to have smart children, most probably children love to study and do well with their study. Children have some different sort of interests than father-mother.

Job/ Service/ Business: In case of Job they are lucky, they find Jobs easily and do well in service field. Normally this people do service for long time, after age of 46 they come out with Business at large scale. They get good profits from Oil, Iron and Mining industries. Their long mixed experience is their asset in case of biz expertise.

General Health: Taurus rising people, must avoid taking more sweet. They have high tendenacy to gain weight easily. If they are seek they recover very fast. By study we find. Taurus rising people, after age of 56 years they generally find long term disease like Diabetes but it becomes manageable for them, due to their highly motivated and enjoying nature.

Good Years: 18, 30, 42, 54, 66, 78
Years to take care: 11, 23, 35, 47, 59, 71, 83.

N Mantreswara

Note: Readers are advised to look & understand their birth chart planets first, since they have large effects on their personal life, Or write to us. Shubham Bhavatu. Jay Bhagvan.

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