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Birthchart revelations of Bhagvan Ramchandra

Birthchart revelations of Bhagvan Ramchandra

There are lots of articles written on Bhagvan Ram’s Janm Patri. I have seen many astrologers’ book having Bhagvan Ram Janm Patri on their First page. This is obvious that we being Hindu, have lot of respect to Our God Shree Ramchandra. His Janm Patri is presence of Bhagvan Ram himself.

Ram Janm Lagna

I hope Astrology lovers will definitely like this, If I convey my observations of Birthchart of Shree Ramchandra. Following are some of the revelations and interpretations of Bhagvan Ram’s Birthchart:

  • Kark Lagna is all about Throne, the position and love of Mother or Mother land in his/her life. Shree Ramchandra has Kark Lagna, he found pain with his Mother side, due to wish of Stepmother He was forced to leave his Home. 4th House rules, Mother, Throne, Position, Status, Security So He was out of Home for 12 Yrs in exile. Where Saturn is placed, there is destiny revolving around.
  • Strong Jupiter tells his Tall and revered personality, Moon close to Jupiter tells his love for Moon in childhood and ‘Chandra’ is also placed after his name.
  • 1st House have Jupiter and Moon both in Favorable sign, makes him Maryada Purushottam. Mars is planet of Anger placed in 7th house, has aspect of Powerful Jupiter hence he had good control over senses. Venus planet of Bhoga is also aspected by powerful Jupiter hence He was limiting himself with One Wife.
  • Saturn’s aspects fall on 1st house and 6th house. 6th house is house of enemy, where Rahu is also placed. He found Ravana as Enemy in Life due to Rahu and Saturn Effects in 6th house.
  • 6th house is house of Food, Ram was forced to eat Fruits & Leaves when he was in exile. There was prasang of eating of berries which were tested by Shabri. This is shown by Rahu in 6th house.
  • 3rd House Lord Mercury is in 10nth House, House of Fame & Power, His Brother Bharat was very close and dear to him, Bharat always had worry for Ram & he never seat on throne. This is due to Mercury in Mars’ home and Saturn Drashti. Which was limiting Bharat from seating on throne.
  • Saturn has Drashti on 10th House of Father, There was pain with Father, Although Father loved him a Lot, Ramchandra was deprived of Father’s love. Lord of Father’s house Mars is in 7th exalted which tells that his Father was Great King and had won many battles throughout the life.
  • 7th house has Mars placed in it, Mars is planet of Demand and Aggression. Due to wife’s Demand he had to catch that Deer, which ultimately caused separation with Wife. This is Manglik Kundali as per generally accepted terms of Astrology.
  • 12th House has Ketu & It’s Lord is in 10th House, Bhagvan Ram went for renunciation from Material Life & Raj Satta in later life, He left his Power & lived Hermits’ life in search of Liberation.
  • Drashti of Jupiter on 7th House saved Sita, Sita went back to meet Ram. This was due to Jupiter’s aspect on 7th House which is grace of Jupiter on 7th House.
  • 5th house of Children is Paap Kartari. 11th Also, Bhagvan Ram had war and difference of Opinion with his Sons. 5th house has Saturn and Rahu on either sides.
  • Venus exalted with Sun and Jupiter’s 9th aspect, tells her wife Sita was extremely beautiful and belonged to Raj Parivaar.
  • Paap Grahas in Kenrda gives pain from Main Three areas of Life, Wife, Mother and Satta. He was of balanced mind and act so He managed things. Four Exalted planets in Birth chart tells us that he was reincarnation of God.

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