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Kark Lagna & Their Fortune

Religious Gujarat Exclusive:

Kark Lagna & Their Fortune

by N. Mantreswara

Kark Lagna is ruled by Moon. As we know, Moon is very sensitive planet and fastest moving among all Grahas, so the person born under Kark Lagna tends to have very sensitive nature. Such person are often driven by their feelings, rather inputs from others.

Their emotions are centre of their life, as my Guruji told me, person born under kark lagna must learn to be rational. Once they become rational, they become best in their work & family circle. In case of Bhagvan Ram, we notice his love for Father & Sita was centre stage of his life. Kark lagna is all about throne, security, mother & home. These are their striking points of Life.

Bhagvan Ram, Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi etc. Many great personalities are born under this ruling sign as their ascendant. So, we can imagine Greatness of Kark Lagna.

Now. Let us see what are the other areas of Life & how ruling planets are helping them;

  • Money & Family: Their Family is dominated by Men figures. Generally they do not have big family & if so, they may live separately due to financial and emotional conditions. Finance comes from higher authorities to them, they have very good relations with Govt. Dealing with higher people becomes their skill by the time. Over all financial situations is well. At the age of 22, they start earning. Dealing in Gems, jewels & Fabric like Sari is very favorable for them. For large money benefits, they can invest in Gems & Jewels dealing businesses. They get large sums of Money unexpectedly many times in life.
  • Siblings, Support & Courage: They are born speaker, they attach emotion and slow pace of voice many times while talking with others. Generally they are elder most in their siblings. After 32 Yrs, they find good support from their siblings.

  • Home, Mother, Father & Safety: Financial security is their concern. They have very beautiful house, often having good sight of Gardens. Many times temple of Mataji is nearby their home. Mother tends to over loving, some times it is difficult to understand love of mother. After 40 Yrs of their age, they find mother’s health needs more care. Father is very supportive and well to do, generally Father have initial phase of life full of struggles. Father gets prosper after age of 28 Yrs of Native.

  • Issue, Education: They find difficulty in study at earlier stage of life. After age of 17, they tend to do well in their study. Breaks in study is often seen. They get male issues. Their digestion power is very well.

  • Service, Health: They get over weighted easily. So it must be taken care. They have rivals, which are of low caliber, they find winning easily in life. Favor of luck is often seen. Generally Health is good. Should lessen Sugar and Ghee in daily food.

  • Marriage life, Business: Partner is very good, but very needy and sensitive. They have partner with almost different attitude with compare to themselves. They are suppose to delay their marriage at their will, but it is advised to marry at proper or early stage of life. Kundali Milan is preferred before marriage. For any particular case of Kundali Milan, you can contact Religious Gujarat Admin. Kark Lagna natives have very good career prospects in Engineering, Heavy metals Industry, Electrical Engineering. They Venture in to business at the age of 41 Yrs.
  • It is advised to do Puja of Lord Hanuman & Ganesh for well being & prosperity of Kark Natives.

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N Mantreswara

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