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Complete Number 9: A Mars Special Day: 27-09-2016

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Today, we are going to read about Mars & it’s number 9. Yes, People who born on 9, 18, 27 have their destiny number as 9. They have high ambition in life & full vitality, they often found any challenging task easier than their rivals. But they should use their power wisely, where possible they should store energy & use it at appropriate moments.

As per numerology, there is special yoga on the day of 27-09-2016. Day summation is 9 and whole date summation is also 9. As per Vedic text and numerology followed in India, number 9 belongs to Mars and see the Distinction of yoga, the day also belongs to Mars. The Day is purely a bliss for Number 9 -Mars people.


While discussing with local Pundits of India, we came to know that such combinations in which Planetary effects of Astrology and Numerology come together & synergize are very rare itself.

People born with destiny number 9, can use colour RED, articles of Clay and stone of Mars as their lucky charm on this day. They can buy & keep them as lucky charm. Numbers 1, 3 & 6 goes very well while combined with 9. Specially, number 27 holds high vitality, energy, originality & passion of Mars.

Yantra of Mars:

8 3 10
9 7 5
4 11 6

People who have curse of Mars or Mangal Dosha in their chart should worship Lord Ganeshji by using red clothes & red flowers in puja & recite Atharvshish of Lord Ganeshji. Mars Yantra puja is also suggested.

Day is also a best deal for buying a Corel on a special day. People who want to wear Corel – a stone for Mars, should buy it / wear it on this special day.  (Readers can contact for buying Original Coral Stone by contacting RG Admin at Cell numbers: +918153837822 & +919428503140)

As Mars is Bhumikaraka, People who are dealing in Real Estate business can do the Muhurtam or first deal of the business between 12:06 to 12:52 at noon.

It is worth mentioning that, Time manifests and it is time who unfolds the human destiny, wise people always goes along with nature of time & uses the moments wisely. Our beloved God Mahakaal is also God of time.

Love to all Readers & Good luck to 9.

Jay Bhagvan.

N Mantreswara.

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