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Everyday 7000 Lotus Puja during Mata Padmavati Maha Anusthan



Ashwin month is very special month for worship of Devi Mata. First nine days are known as ‘Navratri’. Which is celebrated with devotion all over country with traditional local rituals.

As per Jain traditions it is most useful to worship Parshvanath Prabhu and Shasan Devi Padmavati Mataji during Ashwin month. Pundit Nikunj Guruji told that Padmavati Mataji know by so many names one of it is ‘Sarva Rog Vinashini’ (eras all kind of illness). So in present situation worship of Mataji gives extra energy to disciple with more immunity. 18 days Maha Anusthan of Padmavati Devi will be organized from 26th oct. at Shankheshwar Parshwanath Jain Derasar, Navarang-Pura Ahmadabad during 09-00 a.m. to 01-00 p.m. and anybody should take part to submit lotus to Devi without any charge.

Disciple of Jainacharya Nityoday Sagarsuri Swarji, Shree Chandranan Sagar Suriswarji will present blessings to all attendant of Maha Anusthan told Shaileshbhai of Derasar. Maharaj Saheb told that on last day special haven of Mataji will be observed and a prayer for world peace also arranged on this occasion.

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