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Kark Lagna & Their Fortune

Religious Gujarat Exclusive: Kark Lagna & Their Fortune by N. Mantreswara Kark Lagna is ruled by Moon. As we know, Moon is very sensitive planet and fastest moving among all Grahas, so the person born under Kark Lagna tends to have very sensitive nature. Such person are often driven by …

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Taurus Rising & Predictions

Taurus RG

When your Lagna rashi or Ascendant is Taurus you are born to enjoy the world, here we are narrating general predictions for you: Love relations: Tauraus people are lovable, gentle and ejoying. They have very high aspirations for person they love. Strong phisique persons are attraction for them. Generally they …

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Aries ascendant & predictions


Sign in First house of your birth-chart is your ascendant sign or this is the sign, which was rising during your birth. General nativity and Predictions for Aries ascendant natives: Mars is ruling planet for this ascendant, so people born under this ascendant have strong physique with strong mind and …

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Simple Yet effective Muhurtam

Electional Astrology is an amazing science, in India we always consider and ponder auspicious timings for carrying out our Holy rituals and Events. Here I am giving you some important hints about muhurtam. How one can easily fix muhurtam for an event is mentioned below. Muhurta shastra is very Large, …

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Unknown Facts : Astrology and Human Body

यत् ब्रह्माण्डे, तत् पिण्डे, यत् पिण्डे तत् मानव देहे | આ વાક્ય એ તમામ જ્યોતિષ સિદ્ધાંતોના સારભૂત કહી શકાય। જ્યોતિષ ના સિદ્ધાંતો અનેક છે, પણ તેની પાછળ સત્ય એક છે. જે આકાશમાં છે, તે જ ધરતી પર છે. અને ધરતી પર જે છે, તે માનવદેહ માં છે. આપને પ્રકૃતીનોજ એક …

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Vedic Astrology Planets Secrets

religious spiritual

We often found many text books showing many authoritive ways to find the clues from birth charts.  Now today, I would like to share my experience, If we look at the Planets & their Karakatwas following planet Duos, when they are analysed with respect to each other are creating something …

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