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With entire nation celebrating Buddha Purnima, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that Gautam Buddha’s noble teachings have made an impact on millions of people over centuries. For Buddhists, Bodh Gaya is the most important pilgrimage site related to the life of Gautama Buddha. The other three important pilgrimage …

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50,000 Mai Bhakta Darshan @Chehar Dhaam

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9 days Homatmak Maha Chandi Koti Narvaan Mantra Yaag completed on 22nd April, 2016 in at Chehar Dhaam Sector 3, Gandhinagar. More than 50,000 Mai Bhakt(માઇ ભક્ત) did darshan of the Maha Yaag. Shree Ambu Sinhji Gol(અંબુસિંહજી ગોલ), Convener of the Chehar amba Mata Temple told , Maha Chandi Koti …

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‘Darshan of Pathatmak Navarna matra Mahakoti Chandi yaag is my lifelong holy experience’ said Shree Bhupendra Sinhji Chudasama


“Darshan of Pathatmak navarna matra Mahakoti Chandi yaag is my lifelong holy experience” said Shree Bhupendra Sinhji Chudasama. There was a huge crowd in Pathatmak navarna matra Mahakoti Chandi yaag at Sector 3 A at Vagdavali Mata temple at Gandhinagar. Many revered personalities including Education Minister of State, Shree Bhupendra …

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How to celebrate Holi: Ashlilata Nivaaran Divas

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How to celebrate Holi: Ashlilata Nivaaran Divas Do you think is it comfortable with our family for having vulgur advertisements? Problem in society gradually increases if Gentlemen keep shut. This is now required to remove Vulgur photos used in many products’ advertisement. All World Gayatri Parivaar has come forward with …

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Avdhut Baba SHIVANANDji had profound Sidhdha Yog from divine yogis of Himalaya after very hard meditation and sadhna. We today require simple and effective way for betterment of our life to achieve upliftment from routine life. Avdhut Baba Shivanandji dedicated his life to enlighten common people and created Shiv yog …

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Happy Women’s Day


Someone has rightly said, we are living now in Era of women, we all know our all holy scriptures have mentioned lots of respect to Naari Shakti. We all know in Hindu religion there is highest regard to puja of Mother, Maa. You may tell him Amba, Saraswati, Lakshmi or …

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