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Each religion asserts that it is a means by which its adherents may come into closer contact with God, Truth and Spiritual power. They all promise to free adherents from spiritual bondage and bring them into spiritual freedom. It naturally follows that a religion which frees its adherents from deception sin and spiritual death will have significant mental health benefits.

In a nutshell hear we trying to interact with all of you for day to day activities and thoughts of inspiration by sages with brief history of renowned saints and pilgrimage centers. News-video clips of function and other social activities . As we are providing all such materials as supporting everyone to go ahead with pious practices without any prejudices to any sect or religion, cast or creed.

In words of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, “all of us – bright atheists and committed religionists need to awaken now and hear the earth’s call.We need to give and receive as love shows us how, joining with each pilgrim who quests for the truth giving need to the voices of the suffering, awakening our consciences with justice as our guide and working towards a planet transformed by our care….let us make our planet more livable!”

We are launching a website dedicated to pious land of somnathMahadev and Great philosopher and Jagat Guru lord shri Krishna and MahashaktiAmbaji and Mahakali.

As we are living in 21st century’s culture, an era of knowledge. It is demand of time that we must observe our great traditions and treasure of great heritage which should be available on one click.

From the time of lord Krishna Gujarat is holding command on cultural and religious activities. Girnarhills,Dwarka,Ambaji, Pawagadh, Bahuchraji, Dakor, Shamalaji, Virpur, Bagdana etc. are still remain powerful centers of devotional energy.

This website is non profitable web-portal. We want to provide positive and character building reading material in today’s circumstances. Please encourage us by your best wishes and co-operation.

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